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Tool Tips

Home improvements require a wide variety of tools and equipment. Knowing how to use them will make the project go better, and keep you safer.


Almost any tool can hurt you if used improperly. Readling the owners manual will go a long way towards warning you of the dangers each tool has ready for the unsuspecting user. Common sense will also provide you with a "gut feeling" for what is safe, and what isn't. A major thing to keep in mind is; "if it doesn't seem safe, don't do it". Find another way.

Having been in the trades for a very long time, I got to see some results of ignoring those words of caution. I have talked to many people that have been injured, claim they had that little inkling of something being a bit dangerous, yet they did it anyway. Hind sight is always 20/20.


How to Read a Tape Measure  - no real danger here, but worth covering.

Using a Drywall Screw Gun  - using a drywall gun.

Choosing A Circular Saw  - buying the right circular saw.



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